We need more crayons

We need more crayons


Choosing appliances was easy. So was everything from big stuff like the overall floorplan to small stuff like the lighting fixtures. But in a continuation of the challenges over the granite colors, we’re also having a challenge choosing paint colors. Though this is less tense, it’s no less difficult.

We gained more insight into just how hard this is by taking a long drive around the island the other day to look at house colors. We didn’t find one house we liked. Not one.

So the fact we’re getting close to a final decision is actually a miracle. How anyone picked a color (they liked) without being able to buy samples is hard to fathom. Maybe that’s why there are so many houses with ugly or boring colors. It’s too expensive to gamble on something more interesting.

At least we eliminated entire color categories, including gray, orange, blue, purple, pink, and any other pastel. As of 8/25, we’ve not chosen exterior or interior colors yet–other than the ones we don’t want. (Light green is out.) I think we’re down to Sweet Annie or Sassafras Tea for the outside. I’m not sure at all what the great room will be. Some shade of yellow, I think.