Like I said a month ago, we’re getting closer. And closer. And closer….. Here’s what’s happened in the past month:


Everything went well, but it rained like hell at the end so took a long time to dry, which pushed the painting out a few days.

This is not a tidy process!

Drywall 2015 08 23 (1)


Painting the outside transformed the house from a construction site into a home. The pain of choosing the exterior color was worth it. Funny how it turned out. After weeks and weeks and jars and jars of samples, Fred found the color he liked the night before we started painting. It looks beautiful in every light.

On the inside, we painted the walls and ceilings the same color (vellum) everywhere except the great room and hall, which is a light green. Very soothing and blends well with the natural environment and concrete floors.

The painters from Brushworks did amazingly detailed and thorough work, which is why it took two full weeks to paint inside and out. Can you imagine? While they sprayed the ceilings and outside walls, the crew of up to five guys had the patience to painstakingly brush all the trim and roll the interior by hand. I have yet to find a flaw.

Concrete polishing

So much drama around this topic. The floors have vexed us from day one. Would we like concrete at all? What color should we stain it? What else could we do if we don’t want polished concrete?

With so many questions, we decided to go the most conservative route we could. Since we don’t like ANY of the alternate floor coverings (laminate, manufactured wood, tile, carpet, linoleum….) we stuck with the concrete as planned.

But because the concrete guys made a huge point about not being able to guarantee what the color would look like if we stained it, we decided to go with the natural color. It polished up nicely, but we won’t really know what it looks like till they seal it, which will come after all the rest of the work is finished (to protect the floors).


All I can say is holy cow we’ll have a lot of storage! And they’re so pretty!

With the power and lights coming on and cabinetry in, the house feels finished enough that it’s getting really hard to keep living in the shop.