June 30

Trusses are up, which means that they’re ready to put on the roof. Unless technically the trusses are the roof. Regardless, it was time for a new page!

Here’s what it looks like at the end of the day, June 30

July 1

The actual roof is taking shape! It’s been very hot, and the guys say the wood is behaving badly as it dries out. The details and complexity behind building a house continue to astonish me. It looks so straight forward, at a glance. But it’s not, and the skills, patience, strength, and stamina needed to make the pieces come together are quite remarkable. When they’re crawling all over the unfinished roof and lifting heavy bits into place, sometimes the craftsmen scare the crap out of me too. Roofing garage 7 1 2015 (3)

July 7

Roofing continues. Here’s how it’s evolved over the past few days.

July 10

There are two stages to putting on a roof: Laying felt then putting on the metal. The felt went on the day before our first rain since the project began. Evidently, felt is the new form of tar paper.

7 21 2015

Metal started going on yesterday and is coming along quickly.

August 5