May 26, the plumbing begins

Although technically we’ve had plumbing on site since day one (see above), the work has officially begun for laying the pipe under the house. And that means the plumbers are digging up all the nice neat dirt that Rusty and┬áMike left us last week.

May 27

After about a dozen man hours we figured out that we can fit the freezer in the laundry room simply by sending the hot water heater out to the garage (where it actually needs to be in order to function, more about that later), shoving the washer and dryer over by the window, and shoving the sink into an as-yet-to-be-determined location that won’t get Larry fired. That came up when Tor and I shared (what was probably my) idea for how to arrange the laundry room, which meant a 2-foot wide passage way when Jon’s minimum standard is 3-feet wide. So, we avoided getting Larry fired today. And, we get a freezer in the laundry room.

Why so important? We’re getting a fridge that doesn’t have a freezer. And I don’t want to walk to the garage for ice or ice cream.

July 31

Interior plumbing build out nearly complete


August 5

Plumbing hooked up to house
We’ve also moved the hand-held shower position in the master so we can reach it from the bench. Tor does amazing work and is very good at thinking through logistics. For example, the other day he pointed out that we need power to the tub. The electrician, Fred, and I had all missed it.

August 6

Big day! The bathtub arrived.