Lumber Arrives

Seems like it’d take more than this, doesn’t it? And, shockingly to me, the way they drop it off is to literally drop it off: the truck bed lifted up just like a dump truck and the guy drove away as the stuff crashed down and raised quite a dust cloud. For some reason, I thought this might be kind of hard on the materials, but evidently not. The learning just never stops!

One of the crew (Corey, I think) is responsible for sorting the lumber. He goes through and chooses the pieces that are good enough for the job. The rest are marked and sent back to the supplier.

Heartwarmingly, the lumber is from a sawmill my dad helped automate in the early 70’s.

Framing 6 19 2015 (2)

June 15 Framing Starts

As with all the trades, the framing crew is a bunch of really nice guys. Justice (pronounced “just-us”), Nate, and Corey are doing the work. Their boss, Mike, hurt his back and is supervising. He has a wicked walking stick with a skull on it. Justice laughs a lot. And, they listen to country music (The Wolf, 107.7), so it’s a great atmosphere.

June 16 Framing Day 2 It’s a house!

Waiting till Fred comes home before I step inside the house.

June 17

Took our first tour! One long crack running right through the middle of the living room.


In other concrete news, our wires got crossed on having the master shower not having a threshold. I thought I made a big deal about this, but evidently not. So, we’re going to have a curb. But the shower is a nice size, so that helps. I’ll probably only stub my toe a few times, then learn to pick up my feet. Ideally, we’ll never need to roll a wheelchair into the thing, which was my original consideration. Really am disappointed about this. But what the hell. This is why you need to build two houses: one to learn on and one to live in. We should live so long and have so much money!

The framing crew lacked Justice today, and the country music seems to have gone with him. Today seemed to be metal. We agreed to turn it down. I blasted a little Amy Winehouse and Florence and the Machine back at them. But doubt they could hear over the compressor. And I chickened out on the volume.

Nate is 28. Been framing since he was 17, when he left high school in pursuit of the good money carpenters make. Trouble is, the work is really hard on your body. Nate has back and shoulder issues, three or four specific ones he’s being treated for under L&I. And he’s 28. Scary.

Here’s today’s photo album:

In other, other news. Struggling with cabinet and granite colors. Why was this so easy last time? Ah, because we went with black granite. Won’t do that again! Too much cleaning. But pretty….

UPDATE JUNE 29: We’re going with black granite. 🙂

June 18 What a great layout!

June 19 The garage begins

 June 26 Sheathing complete

June 29 Trusses go up

After a little confusion around the delivery timing, the trusses arrived on Friday and are going up today. The whole timing thing just reinforced my opinion that I’d rather dig ditches in the Sahara than do Larry’s project management job.

So, here’s where we’re at as of 3PM